There are many therapeutic approaches, and some I draw on include:

  • Understanding what drives you, perhaps involving some form of psychodynamic therapy where we reveal unconscious elements and feelings you might not yet be aware of.
  • Changing behaviours to facilitate safety, self-care and success that might involve motivational interviewing or other congnitive behavioural approaches.
  • Changing patterns of avoidance and approach to become more intentional and mindfully engaged, involving acceptance and commitment techniques.
  • Narrative approaches to support you to find the skills, beliefs, values, commitments and abilities that will help you reduce the impact of problems on your life.
  • Transactional analysis to help you recognise the games we can all play and how they impact on what we say and believe about ourselves.
  • Mindfulness to create a practice of mindful curiosity and kindness.

Together we might build a tool kit of protective factors that can be tried on for size and practised in therapy to prepare you for making changes in your world. Above all we’ll work together with an approach that best suits you.


“After a painful separation three years prior starting therapy, I still wasn’t moving on with my life. I had lost myself, along with my self-esteem and courage to build a new life. I felt like I was running in circles, trying to sort it out on my own, but inevitably feeling depressed and hurt. Paula helped me dig deeper into my own story and understand why my previous relationship had such an impact on my life. I am forever grateful to have met such an inspiring and caring lady, who helped me see a bright and exciting future, which I am now taking action for every day.”

Maggie – 33 years